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    We are all somehow committed to the craftsmanship and the use of its products logistics to serve man. From a simple draft prepared with the care of forever, a blanket woven several flat or raised pot with our mud, until ...Read More

    Quality and authenticity to preserve our handcraft. "Insular Crafts Company" was founded in 1989 driven by the "Cabildo Insular de Tenerife" to preserve and enhance the craft sector. As part of the promotion strategy of Tenerife crafts, "ARTENERIFE" brand was created, a badge of authenticity and quality. Read More

    "La casa de la aduana" (Customs House), is one of the most important historical buildings of Puerto de la Cruz, currently houses a large sample of handmade crafts and cultural exhibitions. Founded in 1620 by the Franchy family and initially leased to the Royal Treasury to house the "offices of customs", has been also housing of the British Consulate Read More

    Welcome to the official ARTENERIFE Youtube channel. Inside the channel you´ll find a multitude of videos related to the crafts of Tenerife, events that happen on our island, as well as technical and product samples.Come and see! Enter Artenerife Youtube Channel